About Us

Gold and gold stocks are more than a hobby or vocation, it is our passion.

Our Story

At Goldhub Australia, we strive to be the go-to website for precious metals and mining stocks in Australia.

From live quotes, stock index charts and presenting our unique database comprising valuation metrics, gold stock data and market sentiment indicators, we aim to help our users improve their investment performance and broaden their knowledge in this space.

GoldHub Australia is a joint venture between three friends, Brian W.B. Chu, Trung Thai and Jimmy Wong. They merged their different skills and expertise in investment research, data analysis, technological development and innovation to create this platform.

Sharing a common interest and successes in investing, particularly in precious metals and mining stocks, we seek to share what we have with the Australian precious metals investment community.

GoldHub Australia has links to the Australian Gold Fund, which Brian founded in 2019 using his family’s gold stocks portfolio . The fund has a history of outperforming the major gold stock benchmark indices such as the HUI, GDX, GDXJ and the ASX Gold Stock Index, and internationally renowned gold stock investors.

GoldHub Australian also has affiliations with one of Australia’s leading independent publisher of investment solutions , Fat Tail Investment Research. Brian is an editor of the precious metals and mining stocks newsletters at Fat Tail Investments Research (Fat Tail Daily, The Australian Gold Report and Gold Stock Pro) since 2021. His newsletters have several thousand subscribers in Australia and internationally.


Serving you is our pleasure and privilege.

At GoldHub Australia, we can help you develop your skills and confidence to navigate the risks that come with buying precious metals and mining stocks. You can use our data to analyse the markets and individual mining companies to get an edge over other investors. Or consider subscribing to Brian’s newsletters via Fat Tail Investment Research if you want to leverage off the experience and insights of a seasoned investor. Over time, we aspire to develop this website further and expand the services we provide you. This includes industry interviews, newsfeeds and potentially a workshop series.

At GoldHub Australia, we seek to become the premier platform in precious metals inside Australia, and beyond.

Brian Chu, Managing Partner of GoldHub Australia

Brian W. B. Chu

Managing Partner

Brian comes from an academic background as a lecturer in actuarial studies, statistics, finance, accounting and risk management, for over two decades. He has employed his analytical and research skills into precious metals and mining stock investing for over a decade.

He has invested in equities for over two decades but focused on precious metals after learning about the truth behind fiat currencies and the petrodollar system in 2013.

Starting his journey in the midst of the most brutal gold bear market in recent times, he endured massive paper losses in the first 18 months of his foray. Undaunted, he delved into the intricacies of this market and built a database and developed his unique analytical framework. His perseverance and intuition helped him secure significant returns in the bull markets of 2015-16 and 2019-20, where his annual returns were over 100%.

From his successes he established The Australian Gold Fund. He shared his investment insights and company analysis on his website, until 2021 when he commenced as an Editor at Fat Tail Investment Research.

Our services in GoldHub Australia are based on his framework, which Brian continues to refine.

GoldHub Australia is majority-owned by Brian through his investment vehicle, The Australian Gold Fund.

Brian is a devout Christian with a strong sense of justice and the truth. He is outspoken and values liberty and personal responsibility.

Trung Thai, Partner, Finance & Research at GoldHub Australia

Trung Thai

Partner, Finance & Research

Trung specialises in researching the commodities markets, macroeconomics analysis and investing in cryptocurrencies.

He has built several financial models and is responsible for managing the databases and the finances at GoldHub Australia. He also conducts research on different projection techniques based on economic trends, recent price movements and the company’s fundamentals.

Prior to setting up GoldHub Australia, Trung worked with Brian at The Australian Gold Fund for over two years building a sophisticated platform to analyse and value precious metals mining stocks. He was instrumental in building the Speculative Gold Stocks Index, an index that captures the performance of ASX-listed explorers and early-stage developers, and a framework to merge the technical analysis and valuation of gold stocks to improve the timing of executing trades.

Trung recently completed his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in finance at SP Jain College of International Management. He is a currently a CFA II Candidate. He was the team leader of a group in the CFA Investment Research Challenge in 2021 that advanced to the state finals, a major achievement given the team beat leading NSW universities to reach that stage.

Besides being a partner of GoldHub Australia, Trung is a general partner at FGG Investment - a Vietnam-based cryptocurrency fund with a proven record of profitability.

Trung is calm, insightful and disciplined. He sees opportunities that few are able to identify. His intuition into market behaviour and economic trends has helped him see things ahead of time, allowing him to position for a gain.

Jimmy (Ro-Pun) Wong, Partner, Technology & Development at GoldHub Australia

Jimmy R. P. Wong

Partner, Technology & Development

Jimmy is a seasoned and pragmatic software engineer with over a decade of experience working with Cloud software and other commercial applications. He has a diverse and extensive work history given his employment in small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Jimmy and Brian have been friends for almost a decade, sharing several common interests and found their skills and talents often complement each other.

Jimmy brings to GoldHub Australia his software engineering and IT experience. He is the technical powerhouse, building the website and managing its infrastructure.

A long-term investor in precious metals and mining companies, he has a passion for studying macroeconomic trends which he uses to guide him in his investment decisions. He is an avid reader who likes to get to the bottom of the matter and understand the processes.

Outside of GoldHub Australia, Jimmy works as a principal software engineer at a large international IT company.

Jimmy a strong sense of obligation to serve the community and pay it forward so others can rise above the challenges of modern-day society in a failing monetary system. He is always hands-on, preferring to build his tools to solve problems and find answers.